Hugh Jackman Toys Around with his Kids

What becomes the Sexiest Man Alive the most?

Why, carrying around a baby doll, a pink box and a bag with the word “fairy” emblazoned across it, of course!

Alright, bad jokes aside, Hugh Jackman was actually being a good, attentive dad. He and son Oscar Maximillian, 8, and daughter Ava Eliot, 3, were photographed out and about in Manhattan’s West Village early Monday morning.

Hugh, 40, braved the chill New York air with a leather jacket, a scarf and shades. The upcoming Oscars host took some bags and toys out of his car, which the kids played with during their jaunt.

Between the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine flick, his reported new Broadway gig and production on the feature Drive, the Aussie actor still somehow manages to spend quality time with his family.

Maybe he really is a superhero!