Jerry O’Connell Proves The Existence Of His Children

Here’s Jerry O’Connell, 34 proudly exhibiting the footprints of his new twin daughters – Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip who were born on Dec. 28 to Jerry and wife Rebecca Romijn, also 34.

It’s like those guys who claimed to have found proof of Bigfoot only there’s two and they’re cuter!

Jerry’s seen here showing off his daughters’ tootsie prints for photographers while returning to his family in the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA yesterday.

Radio host Howard Stern was, oddly enough, the first person to break the news that Romijn had given birth.

Stern has been friends with Romijn since she was married (and then divorced from) to his friend, actor John Stamos. They have retained their friendship since, despite an InTouch report that alleged Romijn banned dogsitter O’Connell from attending Stern’s Oct. 4 wedding to longtime girlfriend Beth Ostrosky because she didn’t want him around her her ex-husband.

“They had twin girls, Dolly and Charlie,” Stern said on Monday’s show. “Rebecca likes Dolly Parton, so they named the one after Dolly Parton, and Jerry got to name the other one Charlie, but his brother’s name is Charlie — and it’s a girl Charlie.”

It’s note sure at this point whether Charlie is named for Jerry’s actor/Bachelor star brother Charlie O’Connell or not. Or for a perfume from the 70s. We’re going with the brother.