Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthey Make Waves in Hawaii

Why are funnyman Jim Carrey and his super hot gal pal Jenny McCarthy frolicking together on the beach in Hawaii?

One reason could be that Jim, 46, is in a celebratory mood; his latest flick, Yes Man, is a bona fide hit!

Yes Man is Jim’s first movie to make a monster return with ticket sales in four years. (Fun with Dick and Jane eked out a $110 million box office take in 2005, although its production budget was a reported $100 million.)

In less than three weeks of release, Yes Man has earned $80 million, already exceeding its $70 million price tag.

Another reason for the couple’s sandy jaunt could be that, quite frankly, Jenny, 36, looks just plain sweet in a bikini.

All those fables about the color orange being worthless for clothing choices? They pretty much fly out the window when it comes to McCarthy.

Regardless of the reason for the couple’s seaside spree, just be glad Jim didn’t wear a matching skimpy two-piece, as he’s been prone to do in the past.