Michelle Rodriguez Is Trashy

Here’s repeat offender Michelle Rodriguez carrying out her community service sentence by picking up trash on the side of a Los Angeles freeway. Looking good, Shell’!

The sex toy-wielding Rodriguez, 30, was found guilty of a probation violation on a DUI charge in September of 2007 for not fulfilling community service obligations and failing to attend an alcohol education class.

A signed form claiming that Rodriguez had fulfilled her obligations in September 2006 was found to be false.  It was discovered that the actress was in New York City on the day’s she supposedly worked and not California. Her lawyer blamed a clerical error.

The former Lost actress (who will reportedly reprise her role as violent cop Ana Lucia in this season’s second episode despite her character being deceased) served 18 days in jail at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynnwood, California, in December 2007.  She was released due to “overcrowding.”

The highway trash pickup would be the remainder of her sentence served.

Rodriguez has been arrested repeatedly.

In March 2002, the Girlfight method actress was busted for assault after belting it out with her roommate.  The roommate later declined to press charges.

Two subsequent driving incidents, including a hit and run and a DUI, resulted in The Fast and the Furious method actress facing eight misdemeanor charges.  In June 2004, she pleaded no contest in a Los Angeles court to hit and run, drunken driving and driving on a suspended license. Her punishment included 48 hours in jail, community service at a morgue, three months of apparently unsuccessful alcohol rehabilitation and three years of probation.

More than a year later, on December 1, 2005, the Lost method actress was pulled over in Hawaii and arrested for driving under the influence. At her April 2006 trial, she pleaded guilty and chose to spend five days in jail instead of doing community service.

Judging by her orange and Day-Glo yellow attire, Michelle—who will be starring this year in James Cameron’s epic Avatar—has reconsidered her stance on public service.

But just one question—working on a trash crew has corporate sponsorship?