Michelle Trachtenberg Back for More ‘Gossip’

Gossip Girl fans haven’t seen the last of Michelle Trachtenberg.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the 23-year-old Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum and co-star of the upcoming big-screen Zac Efron vehicle 17 Again is reprising her minor role as major bitch Georgina Sparks on the second season of the CW’s hit TV series.

Trachtenberg entered the Upper East Side Gossip Girl world in a 2008 episode titled “Desperately Seeking Serena.”  She invaded the cast as a pest from Serena van der Woodsen’s past who had escaped a Utah rehab.  Her haunting return caused Serena (Blake Lively’s character) to slip into unhealthy behaviors.

Last time GG fans saw Sparks, she was being carted off to an institution for troubled girls for a bit of attitude adjustment.

But it seems that Trachtenberg—who’s developed a reputation for off-screen cattiness with regard to her female castmates—will refuse to bow to the gods of behavior modification: A source reveals that Sparks will be flying in for a multiple-episode guest stint toward the end of season two.

Might as well get the popcorn ready now; this could get beautifully ugly…especially if you’re Serena van der Woodsen, and you’re living in some sort of denial.