Pink Wants to Give Her Ex Away

Sounds like Pink hasn’t fully licked her wounds after splitting with her ex-husband, Carey Hart.

The 29-year-old singer (born Alecia Moore) tells Seventeen magazine that she’s still haunted by her divorce from the 33-year-old motocross star.  The couple split in February 2008 after nearly two years of marriage.

“It’s up and down,” Pink admits. “You have strong moments, and you have weak moments.”

But the “Get the Party Started” songbird adds that despite the emotional flux, her relationship with Hart—with whom she rang in 2009—is as amicable as could be hoped for.

“It’s not just been devastating—it’s been freedom, too,” the recently sober warbler offers. “I told him I would give him away at his next wedding.”

Huh; not exactly the most traditional arrangement for a trip down the altar, but unconventional nuptials seem to be all the rage lately.

Pink also clarifies that her hit single “So What” isn’t about her divorce from Hart, despite the fact that he plays a significant part in the song’s video. 

“I can cut people down. I don’t like to,” she says. “I don’t want to be like that anymore.”

Smart move, Pink. Using music to take pot-shots at your ex isn’t a particularly classy move. In fact, that’s a pretty good way to set yourself up for a fall.