VIDEO: Demi Lovato’s ‘Sonny’ Days

Mark February 8 on your calendars, for that is the day that Demi Lovato’s new Disney series, Sonny With a Chance, hits the airwaves.

Sonny With a Chance stars the 16-year-old Camp Rock veteran and Samantha Ronson impersonator as  Sonny Munroe, a Midwestern teen who wins a talent contest to star on the popular TV sketch comedy So Random. With hilarious results!

Check out the promo for this sure-to-be-laff-riot below: 

Wow, that’s the funniest thing since Miley Cyrusdenial that she hates Demi pal Selena Gomez’s guts.  For a girl who keeps a straight face when she claims that she would never kiss a Jonas Brother, Demi has a knack for comedic timing.

Now, if Demi can just keep from falling down on the job, the House of Mouse will have done it again!