Jennifer Love Hewitt: Tough Times

Jennifer Love Hewitt is said to be having a tough time over her breakup with Showtime’s Crash actor and fiance Ross McCall.

People reports that Hewitt and the Scottish McCall, 32, are “both really sad about this. Even their friends are surprised; they seemed really happy.”

Not one to miss work for a broken heart, Hewitt, 29, has shown up on the set of her show The Ghost Whisperer because she is “so professional,” says another source. “She would never even think to miss a day of work because of personal problems.

“She is usually very bubbly, but she is more quiet and seems sad. She usually hangs out with the crew between takes, but [Tuesday] she is only hanging out with her bodyguard.”

Hewitt and McCall seemed to be very much in love.  They dated for two years before getting engaged in November of 2007. The couple was seen helping feed the homeless at Thanksgiving together and dining out on fast food only a month ago.

Was it the fast food?