Paula Abdul: Back to the Pom-Poms

Paula Abdul has become the center of her own empire (somehow).

Not only is she American Idol’s most popular judge (for now, keep reading), she also has her own line of jewelry which she shills on cable, and she’s said to be in negotiations for a talk show.

If that’s not enough, Paula, 46, is also returning to her roots as a cheerleader (you did know she started out as a Laker Girl, right?) and hosting RAH! Paula Abdul’s Cheerleading Bowl on MTV.

The show was taped yesterday at the New Balance Track and Field Center at the Armory in New York City. It’s a one-off competition in which Paula advises and counsels collegiate cheerleading squads as they vie for her trophy.

Think of it as American’s Next Top Model but with pyramids and lots of flipping and splits.

The squads embarked on a series of challenges and were judged, according to MTV, on “creativity, teamwork, difficulty, and overall performance.”

Speaking of judging, Paula has some competition herself in that category on this season of American Idol.

Producers (who might not have enjoyed Abdul’s recent accusations) have added a fourth judge, songwriter-producer Kara DioGuardi, to the mix this season. And in a recent interview with CNN, DioGuardi made it known that she’s going to be the female salt to Adbul’s (slurry) sweet.

“Oh, I’m not gonna be this nice on the show,” DioGuardi said. “A lot of times people will sing a big song that they don’t have the voice for instead of bringing out the uniqueness in their tone. Another thing is, don’t cheese me out. It’s not a wedding band. And emote. Make me feel like you mean it. Don’t just sing the way the song was written. That was Mariah’s interpretation. Now what are you gonna do?”

Yikes. It’s like Simon Cowell with a bigger bra cup. Brace yourself, Paula!