VIDEO: Hilary Duff Is Pap-Popular

Who says that Hilary Duff is on the verge of being washed up?

OK, well, Celebuzz did. But let’s set the record straight now with a few facts.

FACT THE FIRST: The 21-year-old former Lizzie McGuire star is dating New York Islanders center Mike Comrie, so that’s at least one highly influential person who adores her.

FACT THE SECOND: Duff was spotted at nightclub Bardot and Japanese restaurant Katsuya on two consecutive nights recently. If she was truly unpopular—like, Saddam Hussein unpopular—would she dare show her face in public with such frequency? Nuh-uh.

FACT THE THIRD: As she left Katsuya, she was seen in the company of friends. That’s right, friends. Hilary Duff has friends.

FACT THE FOURTH: As she left Bardot, Duff stopped to sign an autograph for a fan. That’s right, a fan. Hilary Duff has a fan.

FACT THE FIFTH: On both nights, she was swarmed by photographers. And she wasn’t in handcuffs. Which is generally a sign of popularity.

Difficult to believe? Don’t be so skeptical. Check out the irrefutable video evidence from Hollywood.TV below:

There’s also a FACT THE SIXTH: Hilary is slated to appear in four movies so far for 2009, and not one of them is a sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen.  Look for her chilling alongside Winona Ryder in Stay Cool and on the rise with Steve Coogan and Molly Shannon in What Goes Up.

Wow. Move over, Jesus; you have some new competition in the popularity department.

Photo Source: Fame Pictures.