Cindy Crawford Just Says ‘No’ to Hannah Montana

There’s at least one person in the world who hasn’t fallen under the spell of Miley Cyrus-mania.

The Daily Star reports that supermodel Cindy Crawford, 42, has banned her seven-year-old daughter, Kaya Jordan, from watching Hannah Montana.

“I love Hannah Montana, but [Kaya] learns to be sassy from that show,” Crawford reveals. “I’ll say to her, ‘I don’t let anyone talk to me like that. I’ll certainly not take it from a seven-year-old, in my own house.”

And as everybody knows, Cindy Crawford is all about setting a positive example for her kids.

So maybe the wife to 46-year-old bartender Rande Gerber (the couple have been married ten years and have nine-year-old Presley Walker Gerber as brother to Kaya) should do everything she can to ensure neither of her children ever see her opposite William Baldwin in a copy of 1995’s Fair Game.

Also, if they ever find out she was married for four years to this guy, the kids are going to be asking a lot of uncomfortable questions about pet rodents.  And if the children ever read that both Mom and Dad were present at the wedding of Kid Rock and Pam Anderson, there will be no end to the explanations.

So truth be told, as far as potential negative influences on Cindy’s spawn, Miley Cyrus’ fresh mouth is probably the least of her worries.