Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo: Recipe for Love

Here’s Jessica Simpson, 29, and her shower-slippery boyfriend Tony Romo, 28, arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday. In the big ol’ Gucci bag is Jessica’s doggie, Daisy. Humans don’t travel that well!

Dirty-tressed Jessica is gunning for marriage to the Dallas Cowboys quarterback so stridently that she’s even contributed recipes to the official Dallas Cowboys Wives’ Cookbook.

Yes, the wives’ cookbook.

“We just work with whomever they’re currently living with,” explained cookbook organizer Ed Shipman to the New York Daily News. “There’s probably a third of the women that are in there that are considered significant others.”

Was Jess told that contributing to the cookbook isn’t the equivalent of getting an engagement ring?

Probably not, since Simpson gave them recipes for both a “banana breakfast fruit smoothie” and “no-fat broccoli and cherry tomatoes.” That kind of generosity is generally reserved for families.

All of the proceeds go to charity. Presumably, not the Get Jessica Simpson Married Foundation.