Kate Moss Is a Wand-erer

Sure, Kate Moss is criminally hot, but is the 34-year-old supermodel really a security risk?

Moss was returning from her recent vacation in Thailand on Tuesday with her boyfriend, 39-year-old Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. Airport security decided that the Topshop entrepreneur required a once-over with the security wand.

Seriously, is that really necessary? Yes, Kate’s been known to get in a scrape or two, but how much damage could the wafer-thin clotheshorse really do? Especially given that she was still sporting the bruises from her recent wrist injury.

Maybe the security crew was trying to detect a fetus in the supposedly pregnant Moss womb?

Just more proof that air travel is a hassle for everyone these days. At least Moss took the indignity in stride. If airport security tried that with some models, they’d have a real security risk on their hands.