‘Low-Profile’ Scarlett Johansson Covers ‘Harper’s’

After the fracas that was the January issue of UK Cosmopolitan (Vicky Cristina Barcelona star Scarlett Johansson claimed the mag completely fabricated an interview with her), the actress is now gracing the February cover of Harper’s Bazaar.

Until someone issues a denial, you can assume this interview actually happened.

Shy Scarlett, 24, jokes with the mag, “You know, I always try to keep a low profile, which probably makes me the most identifiable person in a crowd. It’s like, There goes that woman in a wig, mustache, and glasses.”

In recent months, Johansson has been keeping that low profile on the cover of Allure, by selling a used tissue on The Tonight Show and being in a flick, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, that was recognized with four Golden Globe nods.

Oh, and she also quietly married her actor beau, Ryan Reynolds, 32, in September…a topic she’s keeping mum on for the moment.

“You have to protect some things, even if it’s a silly detail like who designed your dress,” Scarlett says. “It was private, which is what I really wanted. I’ve never been the girl who thought of the big dress, the big ceremony. I’m more low-key than that. Most people want photographers at their wedding, and for us it was how do we leave them out?”

A topic she’s more willing to discuss with Harper’s is her campaigning for President-elect Barack Obama, who is now less than two weeks away from assuming office.

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” she says of the Obama victory. “If I’m invited to the inaugural party, I’ll be there in a giant gown with the Obama family silk-screened on it.”

ScarJo was infamously dragged through the tabloids for writing personal e-mails to the 46-year-old President-elect during his long shot to the White House.

“Talk about sexist. If I were George Clooney, they would never have written that. I was obviously in a relationship, and people were like, ‘How dare she try to break up his marriage with Michelle?'” says the actress. “I was really mortified, but I learned my lesson.”

Up next for Johansson: Appearing in the romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You, opposite Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck and Drew Barrymore.