Morning Frills #131: ‘Valentine’s Day’ Edition

Looking to kick your heart rate into high gear?

Then take a gander at car model Kate Valentine, one of the many half-clad beauties who lend their talents to auto shows around the country.

A self-described “fun-loving British babe who wants to dance my way into your hearts,” Valentine sets herself apart from the car-modeling throng with her go-go moves, which are hot enough to make even the most die-hard gearhead put his wrench down and enjoy life’s non-vehicular pleasures for a moment or two.

But Kay Valentine is no mere gyrating vixen. She’s downright altruistic in her efforts to serve the greater good of mankind.

“I expect to only pass through this world once, any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any living person, then let me do it now,” Valentine writes on her MySpace page.

Hear, hear! In the interest of furthering Valentine’s mission of kindness, here’s a video of her go-go dancing at a recent event:

Wow, that was auto-erotic, indeed. As is our gallery of sexy Kay Valentine photos (via the kind and caring souls at Hollywood Tuna).