Tom Cruise Not Attending Jett Travolta's Funeral

Tom Cruise Not Attending Jett Travolta's Funeral-photo

Following the death of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's 16-year-old son Jett in the Bahamas on January 2, the teenager's body has been cremated and was laid to rest in Ocala, Florida, today.

However, one notable fellow Scientologist was not on hand to pay his respects.

TMZ reports that Tom Cruise, 46, was stuck in New York taping an episode of The View, and was not available to attend the services.

The site points out that the episode will air on Friday. But while the ABC talk show is usually broadcast live, the ep will air tomorrow after being bumped by President-elect Barack Obama's economic stimulus speech.

Catch a preview of Tom from The View below, wherein he talks candidly about the passing of Jett.

Jett's death was officially ruled as being caused by a seizure.

John Travolta, 54, and Kelly Preston, 46, also have an 8-year-old daughter, Ella Bleu.

On Monday the couple issued an official statement of thanks to their supportive fans, via Preston's website.

"We are heartbroken that our time with him was so brief," they wrote. "We will cherish the time we had with him for the rest of our lives."



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  • Kaylee

    @NL >>His one-word-response to the unfeeling inquires about John Travolta's loss, was obviously heartfelt and moving.

  • NL

    I think Tom Cruise handled the delicate siuation on The View with class. His one-word-response to the unfeeling inquires about John Travolta's loss, was obviously heartfelt and moving. He wasn't "using" anyone, he was promoting his recent movie, as stars are contracted to do.

  • LM

    After reading blogs about Jett Travolta and then seeing the video of him in Paris, I can honestly say that he either had Autism or mental retardation. If he was ever properly checked out with neurological tests, an EEG of his brain and other tests, maybe there would be some better answers. If Depokote did not work, there is a parential responsibility to investigate other options. The Travolta's should have done this- only they know the real story, if there was any kind of documentation report done on Jett. My child has developmental issues. There are sensory issues involved, food rituals, and other issues. One thing for sure is that if Jett could not speak, then he had some very serious conditions that should have been addressed with physical and speech therapy. Joey Travolta worked on a movie about Autism and I am sure he knows some of the real story, even if his brother and sister-in -law were in denial.

  • anonymous

    People are insisting this autism point! The truth is it has never been proven that he had it, people paying attention to reports believe that, John Travolta went with the opinion of a doctor that he had Kawasaki Syndrome! He went with the opinion, of a doctor that he did not have autism. He has a deeply person attachment to which ever it may be. In 2001 he said it wasn't autism, because of a doctors opinion, HOW CAN YOU NOT TRUST THE OPINION OF A MAN THAT LOVES LOVED AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE HIS OWN SON! AND TAKE THE WORD OF SOME JERK THAT SITS BEHIND A TYPEWRITER, WHERE HIS JOB, HIS LIFE AND HIS BLOOD IS POURED INTO STARTING sh*t WITH PEOPLE! JUST THE IDEA THAT SOMEONE WOULD DO THAT NOW...NOW ARRRRRRR GO AWAY!

  • jerry

    anyone who has a child with autism ,like myself,knows from one look at jett that he had autism as well.there is so much more to a child with autism then most people have any clue.i can tell you that jett had unconditional love for those who where closest to him,and loved to play,swim and be active.he didnt talk much but he said novels with his eyes.even seeing pictures of jett with john makes me upset ,because i see the love the two had for each other.he loved his boy more then anything and would have given anything in the world for him.the sad thing is jett probably didnt fully understand what was happening to him or anything to do with death and maybe thats the best thing for him.jett gave all his love fully until it was time for him to go.he touched everyone and no one that met him will ever forget him.john couldnt explain jett in a 1 day or a month,it woudl take a life time to explain the full love that was in that boy and the lose they must feel.if you neve had someone love you like that you would never understand trhe lose and what they ment to you and how you feel about the lose and how you feel about your mission to take care of this child that is a gift to you in more ways then can be explained.

  • valerie

    Lesley, I have to agree with Hispanicatthedisco- He could have not talked about it with the "stupid host," he could have gone to the funeral instead of promoting a movie.. He is not a good enough actor to pull this one off. This man is a piece of work. BTW, was Jett Travolta viewed as a lump by the friends of Kelly and John, no more than a piece of furniture? I never hear anyone remembering Jett by having any personal remembrances about this precious boy. They talk about how wonderful John and Kelly are, never about Jett, what made him laugh, talk, cry, or generally show any human emotion.. I never want to hear self-absorbed characters like Tom to ever eulogize this child again. Enough.

  • Lesley

    hispanicatthedisco, you will have to watch the clip before you talk this bullsh*t. The show was for the promotion of Valkyrie and the stupid host uses it to press some tears. Ugly.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Wow, using the death of a 16-year-old for your own PR purposes. Stay classy, Tom!