Vanessa Hudgens: I Love My...Balenciaga Bag

Vanessa Hudgens: I Love My...Balenciaga Bag-photo

It seems like 19-year-old Vanessa Hudgens is rarely spotted without two of her favorites: her boyfriend, 21-year-old Zac Efron, and her amazing black Balenciaga Bag.

She takes it everywhere, from her shopping excursions, to her favorite sushi joints, and especially to her frequent trips across the World.

Well, who wouldn't want to show this masterpiece off? Retailing around $2,000, the high-quality handbag is a staple among the celeb crowd. Easy to spot, the bags are made of luxurious distressed calf skin and are embellished with large gold hardware.

Take a look at the gorgeous High School Musical 3 star showing off her much-coveted baggage and sound off below to express your jealousy! Are you sick of stars wearing these bags, or are you ready to see more? Let us know!



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  • Brittniegreen

    Balenciaga handbags are the holy grail of all designer bags. I am a true Bal Bag lady. Middle class, and work extra shifts to afford this handbag. Don't say, "I can't afford this bag.... Say, What do I have to do to be able to afford a Balenciaga handbag!!???

  • jana

    i love u vanessa i like u alot i hope to be like u sweet may allah (god)protect u i like ur clothes and ur bag i like ur songs special say ok and can i have this dance i like ur body im 14 years old im from palestine i speak arabic

  • Nicole lalko
    Nicole lalko

    that bag is so cute

  • Cassie

    Okay some of you girls are getting an little weird.

  • ddavenport

    I want her. She's gorgeous with a capital G!

  • susie

    I LOVE HER! she's gorgeous!

  • Tom

    Vanessa - you are GORGEOUS! You are a gift from God! AMAZING!

  • buzzgent

    I love Vanessa Hudgens....stuffed in that bag. And not moving. Ever.

  • Roze

    omg the paparazzi are so mean! they jsut need to leave her ALONE!!but HAPPY B-DAY V!! u rock my sox and you mean the world to me and idk where i would be without u!!!!!!! u are so amazing and you will allways have my support!!! :)! peace and rock!

  • Katie

    Love that bag..... want that bag...... will be finding a knock off of that bag because I can't afford that bag. LOL