Amy Winehouse Marked for Death!

Any person who’s been reading the tabloid news over the past year would assume that Amy Winehouse will do herself in before anyone else can get the chance.

But British newspaper the Sun reports that the 25-year-old “Rehab” belter is dangerously close to becoming a target of a terrorist plot.

British terror expert Glen Jenvey warns that Islamic extremists on the Web site Ummah are compiling a “hit list” of Britain’s most prominent Jews for possible retaliation against Israel’s recent attacks in the Gaza Strip.

One of the biggest potential targets? Winehouse’s 33-year-old producer, Mark Ronson.

“Those listed should treat it very seriously,” Jenvey warns. “Expect a hate campaign and intimidation by 20 or 30 thugs.” (Others on the list include British Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar and Princess Diana’s divorce attorney, Anthony Julius.)

Should the terrorists decide to enact their plan while Winehouse is recording with Ronson, it’s quite possible that she’ll end up as collateral damage. Of course, that’s assuming that the singer is ever strong enough to work in the studio again.

Then again, Winehouse does seem to be flipping back to a physical peak.  She is also choosing a far more wholesome type of companion.  And even at her least healthy, she was known to beat up entire music festivals.

Maybe someone should warn the terrorists about her!