Anne Hathaway Going Back to Work?

Anne Hathaway celebrated a banner victory last night taking home the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress, an honor she tied for with mentor Meryl Streep.

While her emotional acceptance speech showed an obvious love of the craft (and her fellow female stars), Hathaway currently has no work slated for 2009.

In October of last year, W Magazine profiled the starlet.  Anne confided that she’d like a break from the leading lady gig.

“Right now I need to be me for a little bit,” Hathaway told the magazine. She did indicate, however, that she wouldn’t mind being back on a movie set.

Rachel Getting Married, the family drama Hathaway won her first major prize for, was directed by indie fave Johnathan Demme. His next project is said to be a documentary about the legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley. Hathaway told W she hoped to work on as a production assistant on the picture.

It would seem, then, that the statue from the nation’s critics (which she celebrated into the night with rapper Common at Grey Goose’s official after party) would be a feather in Hathaway’s cap while she takes the time for self-discovery and perhaps behind-the-camera experience.

Or does it?

At last week’s Palm Springs International Film Festival, Hathaway chatted with Ted Casablanca’s Awful Truth of E! Online. If anything, the 26-year-old seemed eager for another big screen turn.

When a reporter told Hathaway she’d be just fine in the work department, Hathaway said, “From your mouth to God’s ears.”

Has the awards attention (and especially last night’s crystal statue) reignited Hathaway’s thespian fire?

If so, temptation will only get stronger as Hathaway continues to receive nominations (and perhaps even wins) for her work in Rachel.

Reps for Hathaway were contacted to see if she’s currently seeking projects.

Anne is next up for a Golden Globe Award, to be handed out this Sunday on NBC.