Ashley Tisdale’s Bag of Gold

High School Musical comic relief Ashley Tisdale, 23, was snapped heading into an audition in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

The real star of the day, however, appeared to be the giant gold Louis Vuitton bag she was carrying.

Sad dog owner Ashley seemingly realized that the Vuitton would be the center of attention no matter what she did.  She even wore a gray outfit so as not to steal attention from her striking, only in Beverly Hills carryall.

The Louis retails for over $2,000; so Ashley is wise to make this fashion investment the center of her ensemble.

Now that the Tiz is through with the High School Musical trilogy, she’s free to pursue more adventurous movie roles.  Look for an expanded range of Tisdale expression when she plays the lead in this year’s They Came from Upstairs.  The picture is a thriller that follows the efforts of a group of teenagers to save their vacation home from an alien invasion.

They Came from Upstairs sounds like a good start, but Ashley needs to get going and land more jobs. She’s in great shape for it. Literally.

Ashley recently graced the cover of Shape magazine She mentioned that she loves her “cute” trainer Christopher Herbert, and revealed that she doesn’t crave junk food anymore.

“[Christopher] makes it fun, and he never lets our exercise session get boring. I’ve found I’m definitely eating better since I started working out more rigorously. It kind of happened naturally,” she says.

Ashley’s in shape to conquer the world. And if times get tough, she can always hawk that pricey bag.