Gwyneth & Maddona Get Joint Custody of Trainer

It’s nice to know that compromise happens in the most A-List of friendships.

While Gwyneth Paltrow treats the maintenance of her Best Actress bod as sacred, it appears she’s let her fitness guru Tracy Anderson do the unthinkable—decamp with Madonna.

Yes, Madge, the queen of triceps and rock-hard dance moves has taken Anderson on the road with her for the Sticky & Sweet World Tour.

“Right now [Tracy] is on tour with Madonna so I do a lot of video chat with her and I do her DVDs,” Paltrow writes in her weekly newsletter Goop.

Gwyneth? Settle for webcams and living room workouts?

The Iron Man star discussed post-Holiday fitness at large in her note, and even revealed her personal soft spot: the tush.

While explaining the routines Anderson gives her to do, Paltrow admitted, “Every once in a while [Tracy] sends me a little movie to change something up. She sent me this one for the New Year’s butt. It’s really hard.”

In 50-year-old Madonna’s case, we agree!

For more on routines, and even a little snippet from Anderson for all the fans, check out Goop.