Is Wilmer Valderrama Getting Some Pink?

Sounds like Wilmer Valderrama is helping Pink get over her lingering sadness she’s been experiencing since her divorce with motocross star Carey Hart.

The National Enquirer reports that the 29-year-old singer (born Alecia Beth Moore) and the 28-year-old actor/ladies’ man got hot and heavy in Las Vegas recently.

The two ran into each other at an Ultimate Fighting Championship event at the MGM Grand on December 27 and apparently enjoyed each other’s company so much that they took the party over to LAX nightclub at the Luxor.

Then things got a little wild.

A witness to the rendezvous says that the pair hunkered down at a VIP table and proceeded to knock back Patron tequila and Duckhorn Merlot. (Hmm; sounds like Pink is also getting over her crippling fear of booze.)

“Pink and Wilmer were definitely feeling no pain, and they got very touchy-feely,” says the witness.

Well, to be fair, Pink seems to get touchy-feely with pretty much everyone. But what woman could resist the swarthy charms of a Hollywood lothario, after witnessing a couple of sweaty, half-naked guys beat the hell out of each other?

Pink should really proceed with caution; Big Willie likes to kiss and tell. Of course, the singer has been known to do a little tongue-wagging herself.