Katie Holmes: An NYC Madam Can Make You Rich!

Here’s Katie Holmes and daughter Suri blissfully unaware of Katie’s potential worth if she thought of taking up the world’s oldest profession.

Katie, 30, and Suri, 2, are seen here leaving their Manhattan apartment on Thursday afternoon. Suri is practicing to be a young mother herself.  She looks all grown up and maternal as she pushes her own baby in a stroller!

Suri will no doubt clock more hours pretend parenting but, if she’s to perfect the act, she might need to improve her focus. That cookie she’s eating may be distracting her from learning the tiny, important details of motherhood.

And now this post takes a dramatic turn from its wholesome tone:

Notorious madam Kristin Davis says that Katie Holmes could make bank as a prostitute!

Davis, who employed gubernatorial career-ending hooker Ashley DuPre, says that Katie could fetch up to $3,000 AN HOUR for her services. Who needs acting!

“Katie would be very popular because she has that All-American college girl look,” Davis said. “I could probably get $2,500 an hour for Katie. Maybe even $3,000.”

Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but maybe Tom Cruise, 46, should look into this alternative revenue stream. After all, Katie’s spent a lot of money since she’s been living in New York City.

Davis says that Angelina Jolie, 33, could make as much money as Katie, but clients would be required to book her for a four-hour minimum because she would be the “number one” girl.

Davis ran Wicked Models, the escort service former New York governor Eliot Spitzer was using before the scandal that ended his career. So she should know her business.