Morning Frills #132: ‘Cute as a Barton’ Edition

What’s left to say about Mischa Barton?

The 22-year-old’s credentials as an actress, headband entrepreneur and humanitarian are already well established.

And just in case anyone was uncertain, she also looks more than okay in a bikini.

The former O.C. actress took a break from filming Bhopal: Prayer for Rain to spend her Christmas break in Goa, India, where she splashed around in the pristine surf.

“The ocean there was so beautiful and warm I didn’t want to get out,” Barton writes on her official site. “I would swim all day, ate mostly a vegetarian diet and bought some beautiful things from the vendors I bargained with—jewelry, saris, you name it.”

Speaking of bargains, our gallery of sexy Mischa Barton photos is absolutely free. And even more photos of Mischa frolicking in the surf can be found on her official Web site, also at no charge.

It’s true; the best things in life really cannot be bought!