Tony Romo Golfs With Papa Joe

The two most important men in Jessica Simpson’s life, Dallas Cowboys quarterback/boyfriend Tony Romo and dad/manager Joe Simpson, recently enjoyed a game of golf together at the Weddington Golf & Tennis Club in Studio City, California.

Word is that Romo and Jess are on the fast track to marriage, and perhaps some bonding time between daddy, 50, and beau, 28, will hasten the deal.

This is a much different picture from when Papa Joe’s interfering ways (he’s said to manage almost every aspect of Jessica’s life—from photo shoots to boyfriends) were reportedly the reason behind Jess and Tony’s last breakup. Has Tony been sipping on the Simpson family Kool-Aid?

Jessica might have realized that her contribution to the Dallas Cowboys Wives’ Official Cookbook didn’t ensure that she was in fact wifely material.  She may have sent Daddy in to work his magical managerial ways and help close the deal.

In an interesting twist, leaving the golf course at the same time as Romo and Pops arrived was Ashlee Simpson’s ex-boyfriend, solo artist Ryan Cabrera, 26.

Ash is now married to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, with whom she had a child, Bronx Mowgli.

As a musician, Cabrera hasn’t been heard from much since splitting with Papa Joe’s youngest. Coincidentally, Joe Simpson was managing Cabrera’s career at the time of the rocker’s goodbye to Ashlee.

Papa Joe might want to point out to Tony what could happen if you leave a Simpson.