VH1 Critics’ Choice Awards: Anne Hathaway Vs. Angelina Jolie!

The 14th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards were held last night, and the big news was Anne Hathaway stealing the Best Actress Trophy for her role as a junkie ex-model in Rachel Getting Married right from underneath Angelina Jolie’s smug/amused stare.

Anne, who wore a a strapless black and white Gianfranco Ferre dress, shared the award with Meryl Streep who also won the award for Doubt.

Jolie, in a asymmetrical Max Azria dress, might have thought she was a shoe-in for her role as the desperate mother of a kidnapped boy in 1920’s Los Angeles in Clint Eastwood’s Changeling.

Check the video for Anne’s frenetic acceptance speech. Was she nervous because she crossed Angie?

Annie could also be crazy excited because this probably means she doesn’t have to do any more bad chick flicks like Bride Wars now that she’s the critic’s choice. She thanked her Dad in her acceptance speech, noting that he “protects [her] and has shown [her] that there are good men in this world.” Unlike some guys she knows.

Another winner last night was the late Heath Ledger. The deceased actor won a trophy for his searing performance as the cackling-mad Joker in The Dark Knight. Director Christopher Nolan spoke about Heath.

“Anyone who’s seen any of the extraordinary work that Heath did knows that I can’t presume to speak for him in any way, because his voice was as unique as it was original. But…I know that I speak for all of us when I say that working with him was one of the greatest experiences any of us ever had or probably ever will have,” Nolan said.

The evening’s heavyweight champion in awards, however, was underdog Slumdog Millionaire. The love story about an Indian youth competing in a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?-type game show won Best Picture and Best Director for Danny Boyle.

Lindsay Lohan’s newest party pal Sean Penn led the cast of the Harvey Milk biopic Milk to an award for Best Ensemble, and the famously gruff actor won the award for Best Actor.

“I will trust that you understand that at heart this is a beauty contest, so I had an advantage,” Penn said, as the VH-1 cameras cut to a shot of W’s mature beauty Brad Pitt cracking up. Yes, he was talking about you, Brad.

Rounding out the top four, Kate Winslet won a Best Supporting Actress in absentia for The Reader.

Do people who don’t show up for the awards have a better chance of winning?