Brooke Shields Clinging to ‘Lipstick’ Traces

Brooke Shields is one optimistic woman.

The 43-year-old actress tells Us Magazine that she still thinks her NBC drama Lipstick Jungle will be renewed—even though the series’ finale airs tonight.

“We keep getting e-mails—they’re all positive—and the sets are still up,” Shields offered while attending a Louis Vuitton-sponsored cocktail party on Thursday night.

Maybe Brooke should have eased up a little on the cocktails. Or maybe she’s confusing encouraging e-mails from her stage mother Teri with a groundswell of public support.

In November, the Pretty Baby star lashed out against rumors that her series—which ran for two seasons—was tanking, claiming that the show’s huge popularity among DVR users was creating a negative impression.

Now, even with the program’s imminent demise, she maintains her hopeful stance. “I’m not going to give up until I get the final word. I’m hanging on,” Shields says. “I have faith.”

Sure, Brooke; and while you’re keeping hope alive, might as well push for a Suddenly Susan reunion while you’re at it!