What's So Good About...Matt Dallas!

What's So Good About...Matt Dallas!-photo

Matt Dallas, 24, will become a household name this year.

Matt is the title character of Kyle XY, an ABC Family network show gaining momentum with a young audience. The series was awarded the prize for best cable series by the Family Television Awards.

In one of the first episodes, Matt's character wakes up nude in a forest. (Not very family-friendly!) He's promptly taken to a local juvenile detention center.

So just how did he land the lead role?  "My manager called me up one morning and said, 'you have an audition in about two hours to play this alien character who doesn't really know how to speak English.' And I said all right! I went in for the audition that day, and that night I went back for a callback. Later that week, I was cast in the show."

When not on the media circuit to promote the third season of his show, the up-and-coming hottie is showing his cute mug at huge events all over town. Most recently, he rocked out at a star-studded Hollywood New Year's bash.

Also over the holidays, Dallas appeared alongside American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and talk show duo Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa on the 2008 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade.

This week, actor opened up about his favorite rumor about himself on The Bonnie Hunt Show: “I was in France and the reporters were shooting out all different kinds of tabloid things that they'd heard. The funniest one was that David Hasselhoff was my father."

Matt got his big break after five years in Los Angeles. He aspired to be an actor since the age of 12. His other TV credits include guest starring with the likes of pop superstars Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Corbin Bleu, as well as an episode of Entourage and a role in James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover" video. For that, he got to work with the star of The OC, Mischa Barton, 23.

He's also been in a the films Way of the Vampire, Camp Daze, The Indian and Babysitter Wanted.

Look out for his next project, As Good As Dead, a film about fundamental loyalists who kidnap and torture the man they believe is responsible for the murder of their religious leader.

How could anyone want to torture Matt Dallas?



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  • pauloved

    KYLE in China!We want Kyle

  • joy

    I want kyle!

  • mg

    I love KYLE xy and really don't understand Abc Family choice to end the series. I wish they would reconsider.

  • doodlebears

    WE LOVE KYLE XY! Our whole family watches it every week. So, last week when we waited for the previews of the next episode, we were surprised to hear that it was the final episodes! Would somebody please explain to me how this could happen? We saw a commercial right before Valentine's Day about different couples on ABC Family and they listed Kyle and Amanda, and then they up and cancel the show? I want to understand why we, the viewers, have no say when some network takes a show off the air that is just wonderful and entertaining for all ages? Granted, I think they made a mistake when they didn't bring it back in the off season of other networks. That is one thing that they had never faced, and in the past, Kyle. was always on with no competition because all the other networks were in re-runs, but it still is a wonderful show! And, if they are supposed to be a "family" based network, how could you not find "family" with the Tragers? Their picture should be by the definition of the word in the dictionary! Why can't the networks realize when they have a good show? This is the only program that we even watch on that network. We think some of their other shows are not good for some of our younger children to see. They seem to have more "bad morals" than good ones. Anyway, I wish there was a place to write or to call that would listen to us. It seems as if the viewers matter less and less. We are at the point of throwing out our TV's, and start doing a new, but tried and true form of entertainment. What will that be? Conversation and reading. Both have proven to survive a lot longer than most shows do these days!

  • kxyfan

    Matt is doing an amazing job on Kyle XY. The show just keeps getting better and better. Season 3 is going to be the best one so far. It's not too late to get hooked on this show! Mondays on ABC Family.

  • legolas

    I love Kyle XY. I am a devoted fan, and have watched every episode since the beginning. It is worth every second and we do get to see Kyle naked in some of the re caps. Save the Tub Bring back Kyle XY for season 4

  • sbaran

    I might have to watch from episode one just to this guy half-naked. Anyone see anything else he's been in?

  • ddavenport

    Must start watching Kyle XY...