Paris Hilton Turns Her Jail Stint Into Music

Paris Hilton’s are-they-or-aren’t they fling with George Clooney isn’t the only reason the almost-viriginal heiress is making news these days; she’s also put jumpstarting her floundering music career at the top of her priorities list.

Digital Spy reports that for Paris’ second album—which doesn’t yet have a distribution label—she has recorded a tune called “Jailhouse Baby.”

As you might guess, the opus revolves around the 27-year old’s parole-violation stint in the slammer two years ago

“I’ve been working on my singing and I have another album coming out soon with songs I wrote like ‘Jailhouse Baby’, which is about my time behind bars,” Hilton says.

In 2006, the blonde-tressed reality TV star released her debut LP, Paris, on Warner Bros. It yielded only one minor hit, “Stars Are Blind,” and Hilton was dropped from the label.

But who knows—when label bosses hear the maybe-awesomeness that is “Jailhouse Baby,” Paris might be counting her blessings for her 23 days spent in the pokey.

Take a listen to “Jailhouse Baby” below:

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