The Men of the Golden Globes

You can’t keep a good man down, even though the red carpet is purely a ladies game.

The Men of tonight’s Golden Globes ceremony held their own, setting a tone for convential shapes with a twist.

The Dark Knight star Aaron Eckhart rocked a classic two-button tuxedo with a velvet lattic-trimmed laps and woven pocket detail.

When asked by E!’s Ryan Seacrest how his week was, dealing with awards attention in light of Heath Ledger’s death, Eckhart said, “I get the chills when I talk about him and coming through these lines. I’m very proud to know him.”

On a light note, the Jonas Brothers brought a youthful spike to standard suits, sporting textured rock looks with tousled hair.

And please note our pick for freshest face (and most handsome): True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten.