We Told You So: Black & White Rule The Carpet

Not to rub it in, be we called it earlier—black and white dominated the red carpet at this evening’s Golden Globes ceremony.

Gorgeous ladies packed the press line at Los Angeles’ Beverly Hilton Hotel, where the opposing shades provided some of the most breathtaking statements.

In light of the extreme scale-down of 2008’s ceremony (due to conflicts from the Writer’s Strike), Hollywood is back in full force.

Kate Winslet defended her title of Red Carpet Queen in a stunning column dress in black with detailed belting, getting a nice run for money from Eva Mendes in a show-stopping Dior creation and turquoise and diamond jewels.

The age spectrum was well-represented, with Miley Cyrus in an ethereal Marhcesa frock contrasted with a sophisticated and cool Susan Sarandon in a Hugo Boss tuxedo.

The carpet also yielded a hands-down victory for best comeback: Sandra Bullock, asserting fashion forwardness but reminding us all of her grown-up sweetheart aesthetic.

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