Blake Fielder-Civil Files to divorce Amy Winehouse

Blake Fielder-Civil has had enough!

The Daily Mail reports that the imprisoned Fielder-Civil, upon viewing photos of wife Amy Winehouse enjoying the weather in St. Lucia with new guy Josh Bowman, instructed his lawyers to file for divorce.

Not only that, but Blake is said to be going after HALF of Amy’s $15 million fortune. For what—knowing all the good drug dealers?

Fielder-Civil is currently BACK in prison after having been released to a rehab in England to serve out the rest of a 27 month sentence for attempted bribery and assault. Blake failed a drug test, and was returned to the pokey.

Winehouse, 25, is currently enjoying a looonnngg holiday on St. Lucia, in the arms of 21-year-old aspiring actor Josh Bowman.

She’s told the press that she’s off the drugs, and her new addiction is the hot-bodied young man she met while he was vacationing in St. Lucia with his parents.

She’s even singing again.

Winehouse says that she’s actually “forgotten” that she was married and noted that “our whole marriage was based on doing drugs.”

To add insult to injury, Winehouse also sums up Fielder-Civil’s performance in the bedroom by saying that “almost every time I slept with him it was like I was dead.” Ouch.

No word on whether Winehouse and Bowman will be marrying in a quickie ceremony in St. Lucia. Now that she’s off drugs (*ahem*), it could be a whole new world opening up for her.