Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet Double-Diss Angelina

Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, watch your backs; the wrath of the world’s reigning top female action star may well be sneaking up behind you!

At Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, Winslet, 33, won both the Best Actress and Supporting Actress categories for her turns in Revolutionary Road and The Reader, respectively.

But when Diaz, 36, and Mark Wahlberg were announcing the Best Actress nominees, Cameron flubbed Angelina Jolie’s name. Cammie called the international super mom “Ange-gina.” Diaz promptly corrected herself, but perhaps too late to save herself.

Moments later, Winslet was announced the winner.  She rushed to the stage and launched into her emotional acceptance speech.  She began by thanking and praising her four competitors:

“Anne, Meryl, Kristin… Oh, God, who’s the other one?” Kate emotionally fretted, clearly forgetting Jolie’s name, before adding, “Angelina!”

Watch the comical snubbing of Jolie, 33, below:

Of course, Angelina took the unintentional dissing in seeming good humor.  She smiled each time the camera panned to her…because secretly, in her mind, she had already plotted and executed her double-barreled revenge on the two disrespectful blondes!