Gerard Butler Doesn’t Get Around Much

Gerard Butler has a shocking revelation to make: The 300 king really doesn’t have as much luck with the ladies as the media says he does.

“Guys take a photograph of me speaking to someone and, apparently, I am having an affair with her,” the Sunday Mail reports the Scotland-born 39-year-old as saying. “I’m [supposedly] having 10 affairs a day. It would be just too exhausting and I’m not that sort of guy.”

That will be news to many. Allegedly one of show biz’s most prolific Lotharios, Butler has been linked with a small army of lovelies (see gallery), including Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Shanna Moakler, Naomi Campbell and, most recently, 27-year-old newly single socialite-reality TV star Paris Hilton.  Hilton reportedly has given Butler the loving nickname “Braveheart.” Because he’s Scottish.  And naked under his kilt.

Interestingly enough, Hilton has also recently claimed that her bedroom antics have been greatly exaggerated by the tabloids.

Hmm; perhaps the two reputed lovebirds are hopping on the chastity bandwagon that so many of their show-biz peers have been riding to fame lately?

If so, they should be advised: That trend seems to be reversing itself of late.