Goldie Hawn: Maui Wowie!

Goldie Hawn: Maui Wowie!-photo

Here's veteran actress and giggly blonde Goldie Hawn in Maui, Hawii—cooling off her could-be cougar body in the waves.

Hawn's once-lithe and still-striking curves may be showing signs of aging, but the 63-year-old's still proud to rise from the ocean in an almost see-through bathing suit.

She might have had a pause lately when it was rumored that daughter Kate Hudson might have forsaken the menfolk forever to pursue the ladies.

Hawn might have thought she was to blame. After all, as Kate, 31, recently revealed, her mom stresses woman power over those guys who are like buses—there's one coming or going every 15 minutes.

But no, Kate is now being linked with Madonna's divorce bait Alex Rodriguez.

The supposedly single and loving it Kate and A-Rod were reportedly getting "cozy" together during a long dinner with friends at Lure in NYC.

Should Goldie be preparing for a ball player in the family?



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  • j.earp

    As an 'oldie but goodie' close to 60 and a fan of goldie since our Laugh-In days of white go-go boots and tiny tush's......let's be honest!! We ALL enjoy our junk food days, days away from the gym, days eating ice cream and vegging out on a beach somewhere with a gallon of pina is tough enough even for celebs and everyone needs some down time once in a while...JEEZ! I also get a little junk in the trunk before the summer arrives! Guaranteed a few hours a few days a week a few weeks a month on the treadmill and laying off the chips will get ALL of our tush's back in shape when it needs to be! On her WORST day, Goldie has it all together!! Post-Menopausal, Junk-food-eating Broads Unite! lolol!

  • bawwow

    o dear....

  • Hal

    Good you didn't show the picture of Kurt that were in the London Daily Mail, with his pot belly hanging out. He sure has lost any looks he ever had.