Lady GaGa Celebrates Her #1 Hit and Her Curves

Pop sensation Lady GaGa is no doubt in a celebratory mood. Her hit single “Just Dance” topped both the Billboard 100 chart here in the States and the official U.K. singles chart this week.

Christina Aguilera surely can’t pretend not to know who GaGa is much longer!

To keep the momentum going, the flashy 22-year-old songstress and her manager made their way through Los Angeles International airport Sunday, where they caught a flight to London.

Wearing a black blazer (opened to reveal her black bra) and leather pants, native New Yorker Lady GaGa (real name: Joanne Stefani Germanotta) got playful with photographers while she waited at the ticket counter, and flashed her bootylicious side to them.

The singer certainly isn’t opposed to the attention—she has a song called “Paparazzi” on her album, The Fame!

And, unlike the actions and expressions of some camera targets, the song isn’t telling the photographers to go away.