Metallic for Globes: Love or Hate It?

Oh, to still be conflicted almost a full day after award season’s big kick-off party!

While the experts have rehashed their favorite trends and tragic misses, there’s an issue that is not yet resolved as the Screen Actors Guild Awards approach.

Metallic gowns made a strong show on the line at the Beverly Hilton. Is that a win or a lose?

While Jennifer Lopez has stepped her game up of late, shouldn’t she realize she’s shown this look before (and that this particular shade and texture gold belongs in a casino, not on J Lo).

But then there’s the Sasha steel fierceness of Beyonce’s metallic silver Elie Saab gown, which not only packs the perfect silhouette but injects some much needed glam.

Back on the negative hand, consider the painful mediocrity of Penelope Cruz. While always gorgeous, there’s something ho-hum about the sparse horizontal metal detail on this gauzy gown.

Take the poll and tell the world—are you on board with the hard-edged evening wear?