Nicole Kidman’s Skin Tight Fashion Disaster

After attending a yoga class in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday afternoon, Nicole Kidman strolled to a local Whole Foods grocery store where photographers were waiting to snap away.

However, the Australia star’s skin-tight black yoga pants revealed a bit more than she probably realized.

Yikes! Who picked this outfit out…Keith Urban?

Kidman will soon be swirling across the big screen as part of an Oscar-heavy ensemble of actresses (costars Marion Cotillard, Judi Dench and Sophia Loren have all taken home the statuette) trying to steal scenes from Daniel Day-Lewis (another Academy winner) in the musical Nine. The flick deals with the struggles of public figures to establish harmony in their personal and professional lives.

That’s hard to do when there’s a camera zooming in every time you put on a pair of too-snug tights.

Hopefully Nic, 41, is the type of celeb who avoids gossip sites and magazines, otherwise the embarrassment she’ll be met with just might be to die for. (Har-de-har-har.)

Didgeridoo master Kidman left Whole Foods and smiled away, completely oblivious of her fashion faux pas as she sipped a cup of Joe.

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss!