Nostril Fun With Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston!

Pick us a winner, Miley Cyrus!

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana sensation goofs it up big-time in a new series of personal pics (or is that “personal picks”?) with her 20-year-old, skivvies-shilling boy-toy, Justin Gaston.

Well, little Miss Cyrus, it looks like you’ve come up with one more reason for Cindy Crawford to keep you away from her children.

Joining Miley and her pantie man for the silly photographic fun are a couple of anonymous pals.  These friends are apparently so embarrassed by Miley and Justin’s antics that they requested their faces be blurred out.

Are these Miley’s first fledgling efforts in her quest to become a professional photographer? If so, the little lady has a lot of work to do: Most of these shots look like they were captured on a mall security camera.

Oh well; at least she kept her shirt on this time. Maybe, with much training, she can someday teach Justin to do the same.

Miley looked all grown up and glamorous at Sunday’s Golden Globes presentation.  But chances are there will be another lecture from dad Billy Ray Cyrus when he checks out the Internet today.