Vanessa Hudgens to Get ‘New Moon’-ed?

As if there hasn’t been enough drama and suspense surrounding the cast of the upcoming Twilight sequel New Moon, now it turns out that High School Musical fave Vanessa Hudgens may be signing on for the flick, according to EW.

Vanessa has been looking to expand her career from the High School Musical campus.  In Bandslam, coming out later this year, Hudgens again plays a high-school student, albeit one with a far more angst-adjacent outlook than the Disney vision she is best known for.

Doubters who want to pigeonhole the 20-year-old performer as a cream-puff actress should take note that one of her first roles was in Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke’s gritty Thirteen—way back in 2003.  Zac’s girlfriend more than held her own with the likes of Academy Award winner Holly Hunter and Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale in Twilight).

During Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Twilight actress Ashley Greene—who plays Alice Cullen in the film franchise—let slip to reporters that Hudgie Bear has actually auditioned for the New Moon role of werewolf Leah Clearwater. (A werewolf, eh? The flick’s producers must have seen those nude photos of Nessie that were leaked onto the Web a while back.)

“I think she’d be great,” Greene, 21, said of her potential cast mate.

Producers will have to come to a decision soon; New Moon begins shooting in March.

Good luck, Vanessa, but be forewarned; with all of the chaos already surrounding this flick, shooting is bound to be a grind.

Of course, if there’s one thing Hudgens knows all about, it’s getting through a grind.