Amy Winehouse: Still a Crackrobat

Is that safe?!? Amy Winehouse is STILL on St. Lucia and is now so invigorated by being off drugs that she’s taken up trapeze classes to augment her gymnastic groundwork.

Amy, 25, shared sad news with the world this week, though. Her holiday love, aspiring actor Josh Bowman, has gone home!

It probably couldn’t have been soon enough, according to the Sun. The staff at Amy’s hotel, Le Sport, have told the paper’s spies that Winehouse’s vacation fun included a pillow fight with Josh, 21, and guests that led to a broken lamp and bed.

Amy is okay with Josh’s departure. She realized the fling was fleeting. And, if the Sun has their facts straight, Amy’s looking forward to reuniting with imprisoned husband Blake Civil-Fielder. Has anyone told her that he’s supposedly initiated divorce proceedings and is looking to get half?

“Josh has gone home. He was lovely. But it was a holiday thing. I still love my Blake. While he’s locked away, I’m still gonna have a good time. He can’t do anything about it,” says Winehouse the wife defiantly.

Keep in mind that Amy told the world last week that she had forgotten she was married to the jailbird, and he was a bum lay.

Does this look like the kind of guy who could see the fun in swinging from a trapeze?