Blake Lively Strikes A Pose

Blake Lively has been given one of the biggest honors that an actress her age (21) could hope for – the cover of February’s issue of Vogue!

Lively poses in a black and yellow Marc Jacobs frock.

In the accompanying interview, the actress (who plays the privileged and beautiful Serena van der Woodsen on the CW’s stylish soap Gossip Girl) talks about the high point of the show – the clothes!

“The fashion is just unbelievable. You can watch our show on mute and be entertained,” Lively says. See, it’s not just about catfights, whether they be onscreen or off.

The actress, who is the daughter of an ex-model, says that she was actually mocked by the other children in her private Los Angeles elementary school when her mother would send her to class in vintage clothes.

“It was the only school where people were just downright mean to me,” she says. “They would make fun of my clothes because I dressed differently than the other kids. She just did that because she was so creative and because she didn’t want me to be dressed in big T-shirts cinched with a plastic clip like all the rest of the kids.”

The Dietini-sipping Lively kept that sense of style, and found it adapting when she moved to NYC to star in her hit CW series, which has become appointment television.

“In New York, you put on skinny jeans and riding boots and a leather coat and handbag, and you take on that posture and character,” she says. “It becomes very natural.”

As does finding love with your co-stars…

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