Brad Pitt Finds Out He’s Ugly

It seems that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were the unofficial whipping boy and girl at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

First Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet unintentionally but very publicly snubbed Jolie during the televised ceremony.

Then, according to This is London, an anonymous female reveler told Pitt he was “ugly as a dog” at an after-party.

“Brad was enjoying a cocktail and chatting with friends at party when this woman, who was clearly drunk, approached him,” a witness reveals. “She went on and on about how the aging make-up in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button made him look ugly as a dog.'”

Pitt, who’s generally regarded as a fairly good-looking guy, patiently tried to explain to the outspoken lush that the make-up was essential to the movie’s plot, which involves a man aging backward.

“The woman finally piped down for a moment, then looked closely at Brad’s face,” the source continues. “She then said, ‘And you should definitely shave that goatee because it looks just horrible’ before marching off. Brad’s buddies cracked up laughing.”

And where was Pitt’s 33-year-old baby mama while her man was being berated for his looks? Gabbing with Drew Barrymore about a subject dear to Jolie’s heart.

“My biological clock is ticking so loud it sounds like a drum. I want kids so bad, but with no husband prospects around, I am thinking of adopting,” Barrymore, also 33, was overheard telling the mother of six.

Jolie reportedly then gave Drew her phone number and told her fellow actress that she’d be happy to dispense advice if she decided to go the adoption route.

Angie might have better served Barrymore by giving her some immediate advice about the outfit she wore to the Golden Globes this year.