Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony: ‘Worming’ Into Obama’s Heart?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have more to worry about than their supposedly impending divorce.

They’re coming under attack for trying to muscle in on one of Washington D.C.’s Inauguration parties, despite not proclaiming any support for President-elect Barack Obama until after he won the election and not contributing anything to his campaign.

Lopez, 39, will reportedly speak and Marc, 40, will sing at the Latino Inaugural Ball on January 18.  But “power players” behind the scenes are reportedly furious about the arrangement.

Page Six reports that one referred to J-Lo and Marc as “vile opportunists for worming themselves into anything Obama related even though they had nothing to do with his win.” How do you really feel?

Sources say that two weeks before the election, Anthony refused to perform for Obama during an appearance in Florida in an effort to get Latinos out and voting.

Jennifer is said to have turned down Obama’s camp when they requested her backing because Barack didn’t call her personally. Well, excuse you!

Supporters of Lopez and Anthony, however, have a response for those who sneer at their inaugural appearances just because the couple didn’t contribute to Obama’s campaign.

“Unlike [Jen’s ex] Puffy, they are doing something—they are performing. And lots of people, including Rihanna and Mariah Carey, are performing and didn’t donate. A lot of celebrities are showing up as guests of magazines or political people and not paying anything or doing anything. Marc and Jennifer shouldn’t be reviled for that.”

Leave “Momma” alone!