VIDEO: Kim Kardashian Works It Out


Kim Kardashian is working hard at maintaining that Dancing with the Stars body.

Here she is—swathed in Spandex (she’s no stranger to the clingy clothes) and arriving at her dance studio. 

The focal point of Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed to Hollywood.TV that she’s working on keeping her body in shape for the workout video she plans to release.

“I’m getting ready for my new fitness DVD,” she says. “I’m gearing up for it.”

Kim is branching out from simply existing as a celebrity heiress. Not only does she have the workout DVD on the way, but she’s also ventured into scripted television with her recent appearance on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother.

And did you know she could sing?

The most-famous of the Kardashians already has something of an entertainment empire: If she keeps up her current pace, she might need to branch into politics.