Adrian Grenier Is Bendy, Multi-Talented

Here’s Entourage star Adrian Grenier working out with his Honey Brothers bandmate Andrew Vladeck in Miami.

Grenier, 32, and friend stretched out on some park grass, went for a run and then patted the sweat dry with napkins from a local restaurant.

Somehow, Adrian’s workout isn’t quite so impressive as some other publicly exercising celebrities.

The Entourage star plays drums in the band under the assumed name of Honey DuContra.

The members of the jokey collective describe their music as “New York based country-glamrock-ukulele.”  Everyone has assumed names. Though Grenier would probably be the only guy in the group to require one.

Grenier’s somewhat of a Renaissance man. Besides being an HBO star and musician, he’s also a documentary filmmaker.

His factual film diary about trying to find the father who abandoned him at birth, Shot in the Dark, was released in 2002. He is currently working on another piece about the paparazzi.

In fact, he has enlisted the aid of virginal celebrity heiress Paris Hilton to help him with the project, but denies that they’re dating. Love interest or not, Hilton wasn’t any help to him on Golden Globes night.

Grenier and the heiress both attempted to gain entrance to the Creative Artists Agency party at Sunset Towers after the awards ceremony on Sunday night, but were denied.

This is the same party that Diddy was turned away from last year.

Page Six reports that, as Grenier and Hilton fumed at the door, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as well as Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz sauntered past them.

Multi-talented? Yes. CAA-list? Not quite there yet.