Amy Winehouse: Acrobatic but Alcoholic?

Who knew Amy Winehouse had such agility?

She’s spent her vacation on St. Lucia cartwheeling on the beach, flying on the trapeze and now stunning all onlookers with her limber body by doing yoga-type back bends.

Apparently, rampant drug abuse doesn’t erase what you may have learned in gymnastics class as a tot’.

When Winehouse, 25, isn’t trying to start her own Cirque De Soliel troupe on the beach, she’s annoying the hell out of the staff and patrons at her hotel.

Her island holiday love Josh Bowman, 21, has left for his everyday life as an aspiring actor; so it’s time for Winehouse to get back to her real love—altered states!

The Sun reports that Winehouse, shut off by bartenders and staff at Le Sport hotel, has resorted to literally crawling up to diners at the St. Lucia resort and spa and stealing drinks from their tables!

The supposedly off drugs singer is also alleged to have asked other guests to purchase drinks for her.

Winehouse is evidently quickly becoming persona non grata at the hotel.  She was reported to have broken a lamp and a bed during a pillow fight with Bowman and friends this past weekend.

“We keep catching her crawling past bars, or hiding behind chairs. She grabs guests’ drinks and runs off, like a squirrel with a nut,” tattles one staff member.

Winehouse is supposedly at the spa for health reasons. She is said to begin each day with the stretches in these pictures and actually goes for a workout.

But sources lament it isn’t long before she’s got a (stolen) drink in her hand or is openly smoking a joint beside the pool. Some guests have complained that she also keeps them awake at night by playing her guitar whole topless on her balcony.

They should really just consider Amy’s hijinks as part of the show and enjoy the fantastic celebrity-mess story they have for the folks back home.