Bikini Girl Is Tops With “American Idol’ Audience

American Idol’s judges may be split on Katrina Darrell, but the TV-viewing public seems to be giving her a unanimous thumbs-up.

Tuesday’s Season 8 premiere of AI scored the number-one rating slot with 30.1 million viewers, thanks in no small part to the 20-year-old, bikini-clad contestant.

Darrell’s version of Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love” wasn’t anything to write home about. Her method of delivering it, however, raised eyebrows both positively and negatively.

Male judges Randy Jackson and newly single Simon Cowell, unsurprisingly, granted the scantily clad songbird a quick pass through to the next level of competition in Hollywood.

Paula Abdul and Kara DioGuardi, on the other hand, weren’t quite as enthusiastic.

“She’s terrible,” the two simultaneously chanted after her performance.

New addition DioGuardi was particularly scathing in her criticism, telling the model/clothing designer, “you don’t have the chops to sing that song, sweetie” and performing her own version of the song for comparison.

To which Darrell shot back, “But your demonstration was not any better.”

Oh, goodness; could a bikini-clad catfight between Darrell and DioGuardi be in the cards for a future episode? Someone order the inflatable kiddie pool and chocolate pudding!

Check out the video of Darrell’s audition, with the sound turned off for your convenience, below:

Even Ryan Seacrest was blown away by Darrell’s skin-friendly presence. In a segment prior to her audition, the super-tidy AI host approached the bikini-clad beauty and took her hand, managing to sputter, “I didn’t even see your hands.”

Which, as it turns out, is somewhat ironic.