Guy Ritchie Drops in on Madonna

Guy Ritchie and Madonna appear to be smoothing things over after their profoundly unpleasant divorce proceedings.

First the two spent Christmas together at their former English estate with their collective brood.

And yesterday, 40-year-old director Ritchie dropped in at Madge’s Manhattan apartment during a break in his latest project.

The Daily Mail reports that Ritchie, who’s currently filming scenes for his upcoming Sherlock Holmes flick in Brooklyn, was seen leaving Madonna’s sixth-floor apartment.

Is Ritchie, who’s recently been seen in the company of 33-year-old heiress Jemima Khan, ready to make nice again with his former spouse?

Maybe, but it’s more likely that he was dropping in to visit the estranged couple’s children, Rocco, 8, and adopted son David Banda, 3,; Madge herself was seen out doing errands at the time of Ritchie’s visit, bracing herself against the cold in a faux-fur coat.

Maybe Guy borrowed a couple of cameras from the workplace to set up a little stealth surveillance on the ex while she was out on the town? Turnabout is fair play