Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo: Shy Lovers

Sometimes you feel like smiling for the flashbulbs and embracing the love of your life for a public display of affection for all the world can see.  And other times, if you are singer/actress Jessica Simpson and her personal quarterback Tony Romo, you just want to climb into your car after dinner, let your belt out a few notches and belch in peace and privacy.

The picture perfect couple had just finished having dinner at Los Angeles eatery La Loggia with Jessica’s parents when they were ambushed by a pack of photographers.  Something must have spooked the 28-year-old Major Movie Star and her pass-throwing boyfriend, also 28.

Check out the video, courtesy Hollywood.TV. Try to figure out what makes Jess and Tony react like a pair of escaped convicts confronted by a producer from America’s Most Wanted:

To be fair, Simpson and Romo are at an edgy stage of the relationship.

They’ve broken up once, reportedly due to meddling of daddy Joe Simpson, but reunited stronger than ever.  Jessica has weathered seeming long-distance advances to Tony from his ex, American Idol victor Carrie Underwood.  Against all odds, Tony and daddy Joe seem to have formed a solid male bond.  Late last year, the couple even attended the wedding ceremony of Jess’s sister Ashlee Simpson to Fall Out Boy bass player Pete Wentz.

That all adds up to acute wedding-planning pressure over dessert at La Loggia.

Which can be enough to make any couple shun the cameras.  Who wants that tension to be captured on film forever?